Apr 28, 2011

Money or Satisfied???

Ha....tgk2....ni la tmpt practical ku....

Continue my entry about industrial training.. why? for sure it is bcoz now i'm experiencing industrial training which make me lost my mud.. i don't know why..Honestly for 2day, i have zero mood to go to the company.. less smile for today.. i hate diz feeling. but, when i figure out, feel like there is sumthing dat need 2 be recover so that my intention to go to work was in a right path. for the first sight, i was taking these chances to know better an environment of working.. and alhamdulillah i got the right one. EPSON Toyocom give me the right work which i can applied what i've learn from class. But, when i see others story about practical from my frens, i feel deeply down.. u guys mest nk thu nape kn? 

1st----> there were all go to EIT with smart dress code, and me only with company's cloth that will be return again after i;ve finished.

2nd---> elaun yg cheq dpt ckit!!!!!!!...Allahuakbar..i heard from my senior supervisor dat long time ago there give the allowance with different level of study. suppose, i've got rm20 per day. but today i only get rm10 per day..

But, em...how ca i explain ya... i juz feel hepi wif diz work.. n i only get bored when there is no work to be done.. only thinking about money, cheq down..huh..hate diz...

thruly, i hope my new family in EPSON will give me knowledge and teach me and last but not least, love me as part of their family...En Khalid, Abg Joe, Abg Yus, Abg ellay, Abg Tan, Abg Hamdan, and kak Vasanthi.. i know that all of u will not get a chance to read diz..i juz wanna say that tqsm....

k, daa.....(^_^)