Oct 4, 2012

Done with seraching and getting bored

Done with searching and surveying. It was happy moment when we did search for our happy event ..LATER.. not in this short period harr.. Searching, Calculating, Figuring and what so ever. Till then i'm getting bored because i've been searching by my own without IBU.. 

tiap kali amik gambo mesti nk dongak... (macam adik ngan kakak kan?)

Cayunk ibu sangat2.... 

Before this everything that i'd done will be accompanied by her. But now, only searching "alone"..  But its ok lorr, it is just a planning. Sooner or later she will company me la kan. 

 Getting bored during stay in this house without doing nothing. My routine is about house keeping, cooking, take care of my younger brother. That's all. So, the rest of time will be used by online for sure. 

Sooooo many things need to be prepared, but i will try to do my best for each things..each.......things.... InsyaAllah.. 

Till then, bye.