Apr 17, 2012

Give up already??

I am kinda lost hope on searching for a jobs.. To be honest, now it has been two months passes by and still i dont have any job.. why am i so depress?? because i cannot bear with my life now. I am still using my parent's money. It was very ashamed on me by asking them money for anything especially for top-up.. I am so useless. 

Tomorrow there will be career fair in my beloved university..since i am now doing part time job as babysitter where it was just for two weeks, its kinda hard to tell my auntie so that i can go to the career fair.. but still i felt down because if i still cannot get a job from this, i had burden other people as my auntie have to take cuti for this.

But a part of me says that i still have to try and dont  get easily give up on this.. He knows best for all thing that had been planned by Him. And me just need to "Usaha, Doa & Tawakkal".. 

Need to cheer myself right now.. please...smileeeeeee....oooh, tired already!!!


  1. yg ni utk kak yana ^_^