Jun 13, 2011

Being cRazY..

Actually, i'm not being crazy as mentioned in the title of diz entry..LOL.. For last few weeks, my head was juz like to explode juz bc0z of certain things that might be not t00 imp0rtaant.. 4 th0se wh0 kn0ws me, they will get da answer for my craziness... it was juz about married.. huh... i thought dat i cud be tough en0ugh in facing others "Big Day"..i guess.. 

Last Saturday, i've been invited by my manager to come for his son's wedding.. even though i'm not realli close to both bride, it was juz about respect to my manager as i'm invited with special n beutiful card...hurm... anak org kaye hokei... S0, i manage to be there around 1 o'clock..sumthng like dat la coz ade sesat gak..hukhuk... 
Rite after dat, dr Puchong rush 2 kep0ng lak..da nex destination was kak eton's wedding...c0ngrates kak et0n..h0pe u'll be hepi 4 ever dunya n akhirah wif ur luvly spouse...hehe...i'll share some of my ph0t0 on  dat day...she was sooooo beutiful...i was surprise rite after i came out from my car...Subhanallah...any way, 4 u olz punye information, majlis 2 dh abis p0n...pe0ple ngah cbuk kemas dah...shame on me...huhuhuhu...at least , i g0t da chance 2 c the brides by my own eye....wink2....

 tgk dekat2...chantek x???hehe

it wasn't my plan h0kei...i mean wearing same colour...ehek ehek

p/s... waitin 4 mmy turn..cud b 4 or 5 years more..sigh~

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