Jul 9, 2011

drama during roadblock b4 BERSIH

Traffic jam caused by roadblock..so damn...as i heard sum1 call t0 Hot Fm, it was s0 funny..why?? okey..here are the story..he need to p00..err..h0w can i say ya..having stomach pain during traffic jam make him being xsab0. even he try 2 be t0lerate wif other driver, but seems most of the driver do not know la rite that he need to go 2 the toilet... s0, he was became angry, making a signal n DUM!!!! an accident was happen..lastly, he got to wait until sum1 get him. 

okey, direct 2 the st0ry...why i got crying during the traffic jam..owh, i juz can let it stop n crying n crying till my eyes feel s0 hard to lift up....as i have been ended call from my love immediately with0ut saying bye or sumthng like dat because i'm s0 angry wif him as he does not answer my called n also my message..maybe he g0t angry bec0z i'm not listening 2 him as he want me drive back after him.. how can i control la kan..traffic jam ma...n when there is s0 many car, i'm being confused as i'm so sensitive with lite of car n feel migrain was coming...

We were getting ok as he try 2 approach me n we start to face the traffic jam together with 2 cars..hahaha..dun ask me anythng la...i w0nt explain maa... s0 tired...next, when we got entering 1 simpang ni ha, traffic was good and we manage to come out from the traffic jam...then, we speed our car more than 100km/h...so jam..so geram..n s0 damn...i juz wanna ask them if "they" have fulfill their responsibility as Muslim..i mean , instead of blocking others, have u perform ur Maghrib prayer??


  1. aku sgt suke soalan ko yg last.. buat roadblock bagai, solat kat mana? aiyoyoyo