May 2, 2012

Full of Love

Hai semua, 

I am now still in the mood of wedding ceremony. I was invited to come to wedding ceremony of Khai's sister. Located at Dewan Perdana Felda, KL. Stay from 1 to 4 pm but on that day, I do really wanna take a picture with the bride. Before this, it was very hard to snap a picture due to time constraint and etc.

I was very happy as my first thing that I saw was a guy with a black Baju Melayu. They were just a committee for the event but still it feels like you are in Zaman Kesultanan Melayu. hehe. Next, while waiting for the brides to come, I do not know how to explain the feels that felt on me during that day. Majlis kawen,biasela..feeling lebih...

 I really touched in every moment including while brides come from the main door, the song that had been played and the most important thing was while her father give a speech. Their story was like oh my goodness.. It was not an easy to get a baby while study . Am I right. Her mother was pregnant during her studies in America. She ( Khai's sis) was born there. It was a long story. Sedih taw dengar ayah dia berucap.

Without further a due, lets see a picture that was taken on that day. Credited to our camerawoman, Tengku Nur Amni.

apam polkadit was in there..^^

Khai and her younger sista

Selamat Pengantin Baru Dr Sakina.. 

ok.. done.. wish for my turn plak. InsyaAllah another 2 years. 
As he said, 
"ikutkan nak masuk meminang tahun 2012, tapi macam belum ade rezeki jadi tunda ke 2013, tapi kalau belom cukup rezeki jugak, tahun 2014 kowt"..

As a conclusion, kita manusia biasa hanya mampu merancang dan berusaha.. 

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