May 3, 2012

Where to go??

Hamek kaw..BESAR PUNYE!!!!

Yesterday, I only know that I need to attend an examination for PTD. People who know about it, for sure you know how the preparation will be.. For those who did not know what is PTD, google sendirik ya. Hehe..Kidding. It is Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik. 

I had applied for a month from april and now I need to do a preparation for the examination. It was basically about history of goverment and dasar2 and etc. So many thing to read. 

And today , I went to the briefing of Advanced Green Composite. It was a training prepared by the government in special organization called MIGHT. This training program was kind of interesting as I will get to learn on how the real technology being used in the company.

But now, it seems like I am getting confuse in order to focus on many things. Tomorrow I need to teach student of SPM . Tuition for them, but its ok because it is a job that i like most..."Teaching"... 

Hope later I will know where to go.. But how? hurm..Thanks for your time to read this blog. Eh, ade ke orang bace. Tak malu..Lempang laju-laju. 

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