Jan 12, 2012


Alhamdulillah, sharp at 5.30 pm , 10 January 2012 aku berjaya menghabiskan paper final ekjem for final sem and also final year. It was very hard to say how i feel on that moment. My tear was just about to come and looking to my friend's face, i can't stand and try to smile like usual. I have tried so hard for all paper and hope the result will be benefit me later, i mean pointer la en. 

Done with final paper, i have to struggle for my final year project. To be honest, i just left FYP matter because i want to focus on my study. But then, it was my bad as i now facing a problem where i need to finish all the thing in a short period. I have done little but it seems that i have to work on more. I need to design material which i was very and the very weak in using the software.. However, i felt there is "hikmah" why all of this happen to me. 

From the day after my final paper, i have started to do the project but it feels more "chaos" than enthusiasm to finish this work. Apa bahasa yang aku gune pun aku tak tahu. Lantakla sane. 

Still i want to write in this blog. Because?? i  do not know what to do.. 

Hope i have the strength to face this matter and happily finish my study in this lovely university. 

Untuk akhirnya,

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