Jun 29, 2012

Bertimpa-timpa dugaan yang datang..

Sesungguhnya Allah lebih mengetahui setiap sesuatu yang direncanakan. 

For straight three days, it was such hard experience. As for one day, i got a job, but then it was immediately start with session of introduction and continually until 3 years . Actually i got this job from middle of june. Till then they told me to come and go through the contract. Maybe i had misheard on the info and I was came without nothing in hand. Only purse, phone and book. Then, as i started to read the tentative, it had already setup for  that day onwards.

Can you imagine how would i felt on that time? I cant explain about the feel . When i want to text Tok Wan and tell him about this, i got a message from him that i am lucky because there is room to be rent. His mother help me to find the room. His parent was helping as they can and i feel like i had burdened them especially ummi. Thanks ummi. Yana terhutang budi sangat pada ummi.

Before i got into the room, ummi give me money to buy set of clothes for tomorrow. Malu sangat pakai duit ummi. She gave me a lot and i still keep her money till now. Until i got a job, i will repay her. Then, for the next day, I went to the company to start work but still not signing for any contract. Then, yesterday.. I WAS VERY SHOCKED as i saw the basic salary for me was too low. When i asked her, she also wonder where i got the info about the basic salary which up to 2k. But then, after explaining and explaining.. I got my decision, I need to quit. I cannot live in this KL with that amount of money. Better aku keje jadi guru sambilan. Berbaloi je gaji sama. 

I just cant understand why they were treating degree student like this. Yes we know that we dont have any experience. Even operator does not have any experience but then, they watch, learn about all those thing. WE as a student who already had the knowledge and just need to add up the same thing as the experience one does, it cant be any problem later. 

Macam sia2 aku belaja dekat 5 tahun untuk dapatkan degree level tapi ape pon tak dapat. Dan level aku sama dengan diploma. Applicants dalam group aku yang amik diploma sampai cakap, nasib baik aku tak amik degree. HOW COME!!!!! now you see the different of those level. DEGREE was such nothing!!!! Bubar jela semua university. 

And now, totally i try to cheer up myself and think positive. 

Actually the story of dugaan aku ni tak habis. Tapi aku tak nak cerita sebab aku dah start sebak. Mata aku dah bengkak. macam mane aku nak keluar nanti. Pray and just try for the best. Thats all.

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  1. Nana, kenapa sngt berselaru ni.. is it because of the company;s bad managemnebt or nana salah faham? Pay dia below 2 ke? Speatutnya bukan kena sign contract yg dah tertulis gaji dlu baru kerja ke. Weird nye..