Jun 15, 2012

Totally hate to make a choices~

 I totally hate to make choices. 
Only for two choices
But then still it was like burdening me as i put much effort on both

1st choice 
Not related with my studies
Temporarily working for only 3 months
Living in aunt's house which burden her
Unfamiliar working environment

2nd Choice
Related with studies
Contract for 3 YEARS
Need to seek for own house so not burden other people

So, which one?
I need a job
I need to find a money
I need to know which one is better
But no one knows till they experience those bad and good experience

I need a job
I need to show my parents that I am not study for long time for nothing
I need to help my parents
I need to pay my debts

I need a JOB!!!
Currently i'm not in good mood as it was like tired to think about simple thing

The most important thing was... am i useless person???
Why am i not getting any job till now

Ya Allah, Kuatkanlah hati hambamu ini. Lemahnya diriku bilamana ujian yang kau berikan terlalu kecil dibandingkan dugaan yang kau turunkan terhadap orang-orang lain. Jadikanlah aku hambamu yang bersyukur. Ampunkan dosaku Ya Allah.


  1. whatever it is, if you want to go after your 2nd option, make sure you read and understand their contract. 3 years contract is a long contract. We need to be extra careful not to fall trap into stressful and unhealthy working environment.

  2. most of people yg dgr kisah ni ckp the same thing.. huhu