Oct 21, 2011


Sigh.. nothing can be explained except that i'm too tired with all assignment, pr0ject and quizzes as well.. ya, every one have the same pr0blem but maybe it was just because that i'm not really good in managing my time during my final year. Even my final year project was going unsmoothly now.. i'm stuck in the middle of semester where i did not work any experiment that might reduce my mark soon. 

Anyhow, when i feel bored with all stuff of studies, i do watching series of Korea, Pasta. As usual, maybe i'm the one who late la kan..as always..This movie was attracting me to eat more on PASTA... OMG... all kinds of food been filled in my stomach..but since i watch this movie, i always answering for PASTA if my love asking for place to take dinner.. haha... its ok but sometimes, as a student who does not have more money, you have to be so stingy la rite.. 

Until now, i have not found pasta which satisfied my stomach.. most of them was very oily.. thus it looks nice when it serves.. besides, the "biji cili kering" is there..how come??..mane leh mkn?? ade plak yg tersumbat mane2 kang..huhu...

Lets see some picture that i've take..

Look nice rite...for this kind of pasta, i've rated it 2/5...haha.... next time i will try to taste another pasta at another place..owh, i was forgot to tell ya that i only eat this pasta at Pizza Hut..hehe... As i was a person who actually like foods at gerai2 only...not in a big and expensive restourant..Only if i have more money, i will come to this place and thinking to bring my love to Full House.. He was really xsuke places with expensive food.. as his sister said, "klu dh selalu mkn nc g0reng, xpandang bende2 mahal...Wan ni alergik mknn mahal"... hahaha...its ok la dear... kene  jimat duit nk kawen....hehe... 

K, feel hungry when do story about pasta... nyum nyum nyum....

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