Oct 23, 2011

Siti Nurhaliza je yg cantik ke???

Yesterday, i had come to one of the program which organized by my belove Club, Semaian Budi Club. For a small introduction about this club is, this club was based on mentoring. Our target is primary school which need to be motivated to develop and integrate their self esteem, communication skill and also the spirit to be success in life and here after. 

ngan budak busuk..hahaha..g snap apa nih

Again ngan budak2 busuk..pandang mana tuh..haha

Done with introduction, just want to share little moment through out the program. As i was come only at 11pm but the program actually start at 8am.hahaha...i'm not landing on my bed hokey, but i was about to finish my work(assignment)..Next, one activity that being attract me is make over.. 

Make over needs for the children (son / daughter) to make up their mother to be the most beautiful women. It was fun... Can u imagine when mother let their child to draw and make up on their face..such a sweet moment rite..Even me dont have that opportunity to do such thing. Many style of make over can be seen.. And i'm sorry because i'm too happy until forgot to take a picture for this entry. 

In the last, MC was asking for the child why their mother should be selected as the winner?? and most of the answer was "because me myself have make up her and make her the beatiful women in the world.." i dunno why, but in this moment i was trying to hide my tear as hard as possible...syahdu lor.. 

When the next question comes... 
MC : adik rase mak adik cantik mcm sape?
Adik 1 : Siti Nurhaliza
Adik 2 : Pretty Zinta
Adik 3 : Siti Nurhaliza
Adik 4 : Siti Nurhaliza
Adik 5 : Aishwarya Rai..

pergh...haahahaha...anyway...no matter how beautiful ur mother, my IBU is the most beautiful women la..hahhahaha...xaci kan...mentang2 entry sendirik...

Conclusion is, CT je ke cantik?? hehe..mmg cantik...tp utk seorg yg bergelar ibu, mak2 adik lagi cantik...CT bukan pnh jage adik2 p0ng!!!! hehehehe 

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