Dec 6, 2011

Manis Pahit Kita Bersama : Part 1

Suppose he went to the company along with his best friends.. but seems they were both got different date for an interview, so he g0t to go by himself.. For sure i'm not letting him go by himself.. He was referring to Tok Wan.. He got an interview just after 2 weeks we submit the resume. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Back to the title of this entry.. I'm start to think about how 4 years going through in UIA. Who knows, i've dreaming to get into this university since i was in primary school. I just do not know why but it seems like i do really attract with this "House". 

We never know what is good for us, only Allah knows. Honestly, it was too hard and many difficulties that need to be faced during my studies. Even now i'm struggling for all projects given. 

Done with introduction..haha...making an essay yar.. Let picture tell how happy i am with all of my friends..

okey2..tetibe migrain..sorry...continue later...

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