Nov 1, 2011


Nothing to be story in this entry as i was too busy with mid term for this final semester InsyaAllah.. plus FYP that needs me to concentrate more as we are running out of time.. oh no, i just do not know how to explain.. and i dun want to describe bout my final project.. it makes me stress.. 

it was just like me but i wear a koyok la ..u know koyok??haha

one work done, and another work come.. but still i have to redha because all of this was plan by Him.. and He know the best right??while studying hardly, i was thinking that it was just too fast for me to finish this semester.. Rushing on the assignments, projects, midterm and so on..i am trying to make it fun because there were people said that work was more difficult than study, so enjoy your study..hahaha.. 

nak sugar glider!!!!huhu

"nothing" to say any more because i need to continue my revision..tomorrow i got an exam for language english for occupational purpose and next day i have product planning control...please make me calm ya Allah.. help me with my friends during the exam.. amiin....

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